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Fabulous Thursday with Allie

We did a little studio mock up shoot. Allie brought her A-game as she bedazzled my camera with her perfect makeup look. I dug into my wardrobe of dresses and found a few for us to play with. Allie is all spunk and confidence! We pulled 3 different looks in 45 minutes! 15 minutes over budget but I forgave myself.

The goal was high fashion and beauty. I was looking for chin angle, hand placement, should play and always, body language. I paid more attention to wider crops than usual to allow post-crop in on the face for beauty crops.

Next dress ------------------> Black background? Probably not next time.

However, the white is less distracting and well, who cares when you've got the perfect face angle shot! That hair, that chin, and those soft hands; not to mention that killer look.

And then to the finale and BAM, this fusia, fuzia? fuschia is amazing on Allie. And, I just happened to have the same exact lip color!

Thanks, Allie!

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