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Dipping in Milk

For Chi's Fabulous Thursday, she wanted to try the infamous milk bath. I was excited to photograph in this glorious white-walled room and the milk was a dream to photograph in! It was a very simple set-up using natural light and a big reflector to fill in as much shadows as possible. If you're looking for a simple, sexy look, this is the one!

A little warm water and some milk seemed to make the perfect mix -to photograph that is. I'm not sure how comfortable it is to be swallowed by milk, lols but when it looks this good, does it matter?

I also took the opportunity to make a few editorials!


These last few were reminiscent of another shoot I did. I love the dreamy aesthetics of these images and definitely am adding milk baths to my sessions! Inquire for your very own session!

Here are a few regular bath photos without the milk.

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