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A Slice of The Creative Process

For as long as I can remember, I've always wanted to bring to life these beautiful, surreal images. I never expected how much work would go into this sort of work. And now, I understand that art is not only in the end product but through this creative process.

Makeup & Hair by: Kamao Vang Model: Chi

I built this floral surrounding in pieces because I had to carry everything into an upstairs studio space. I think I lugged up 3 bags and then spent an hour putting it all together. I appreciate this creative process because it disciplined me to be decisive as well. Everything that would exist in the final image had a reason to be there.

This image is inspired by the works of artist, Kirsty Mitchell. Her work has a haunting beauty that recaptures the magic of fairytales for me. There is a great despair in her photographs that I feel akin to and yet is contradicted by all its vibrant colors.

Here are a few different shots.

Thanks Chi & Kamao!

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